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        Rules & regulation

  1. All the players DP should be their   team  logo (optional)

  2. Make sure your PUBG Username matches with Registered PUBG Username name.

  3. No team up.

Behaviour Rules –
Players cannot engage with other players in a verbal manner (curse words, racism, sexism).
Players must speak with game masters and referees with respect.
Players cannot share the contact info of game master or other players without their consent.
Sharing illegal programs and all third-party programs is forbidden.
Flooding and spamming both in writing and verbally is forbidden.
Players cannot share accounts.

Technical Problems –

  1. All players are responsible for the problems on their Phones .
    The lobby will not be restarted because of a problem on the players Phones .

If you failed to join the match we are not responsible.
If the problem has affected multiple players, it’s in the PUBG Tournament official’s initiative to restart the lobby or not.
If teams are less than 18 The Match will be postponed untill TEAM join count is 18+

Usage of Third Party Programs and Bugs –

All visual enhancing programs are forbidden in the tournament. All bugs usage are forbidden.
All illegal programs, usage of macro and third-party programs are forbidden.

Entrance to the Lobby

  1. The lobby password will be given away on the PTI  TEAM LEADERS  whatsapp group, and the TEAM LEADER SHOULD SHARE THE ROOM ID & PASSWORD TO THE SQUAD .Then they must move to their assigned slots.
    The team must be present in the lobby with the squad.

Transfer System

  1. A players may transfer to another team upon the end of the tournament. (For example, a player playing on X team may not play on another team on the same season)


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